Do you have a keen interest in benefit auctions and fundraisers?  We do too because that’s our business!  We’re interested in supporting every organization and auctioneer involved in fundraisers and benefit auctions.  One way we actively support our community is by providing this web site that lists all known fundraising and benefit auction events throughout the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area of North Carolina.

Spotlight Benefit Auctions is a full service benefit auction company licensed in North Carolina, Virginia and Texas.  Three team members have earned the distinctive certification of BAS (Benefit Auction Specialist) from the National Auctioneer Association.  Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs and include the following:

  • Professional bidcalling
  • Consultation on all elements of your event
  • Volunteer training
  • Procurement consulting and brainstorming parties
  • Develop sponsorship programs
  • Online auction consultation & development
  • Registration/Check-out
  • Customized forms
  • Silent & Super Silent auction best practices
  • Raffle reviews & recommendations
  • Emcee/Master of Ceremonies
  • Benefit auction software

Contact: Susan Deitz at 919-454-5150 or 800-220-6760

Spotlight Benefit Auctions
2501 Blue Ridge Rd, #250, Raleigh, NC 27607

The Spotlight Benefit Auction Team includes the auctioneers listed below as well as our Marquee Bid-Callers who are tops in their field.

Susan Deitz
Auctioneer, Specialist in Benefit Auctions
Susan is based in the Raleigh office and is the team leader for benefit auctions.  She has an insider’s perspective from all angles of benefit auctions including being a hands on consultant, auctioneer in charge, volunteer, donor and bidder.
Linda Mardi
Auctioneer, Broker, Attorney, MBA
Linda is co-founder of AuctionFirst and the Real Estate Auction Institute and President of AuctionFirst Central Texas, Inc. She is a licensed attorney, auctioneer and Realtor. She holds a Juris Doctor Degree along with B.A. and M.A. degrees.
Jennifer Sonke
Auctioneer, Marketing Manager
Jen brings her extensive PR, advertising and marketing expertise to the AuctionFirst team and is also a rising bid-calling star. With her background in government, fashion and real estate, she adds innovation and polish to the custom marketing campaigns that we create for the unique needs of our clients.
Sarah Sonke, Auctioneer, Broker
Accredited Auctioneer Real Estate
Certified Auctioneer Institute (candidate)
Sarah is co-founder of Spotlight Benefit Auctions, AuctionFirst.com and the Real Estate Auction Institute.  Her background includes business development and management, international marketing, web development and real estate investing.
Margaret Staley Margaret StaleyAuctioneer, Broker
Margaret is an auctioneer, broker and also the owner of Fern Garden Realty in the Raleigh area.  She serves as an officer with the Woman’s Council of Realtors and is pursuing certification by the Land Institute as an expert in land sales.  In a previous career, she worked in the chemical industry

Spotlight Benefit Auctions – 919-454-5150 or 800-220-6760

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